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Replacing / Switching Access Control Systems Guide

(PRO Only)

Ripping out and replacing access control systems is hard for important reasons. Because users typically hold on to access control systems for as long as possible, often decades, switching them can be tricky and prone to mistakes. However, in thi...

By Brian Rhodes - 6 months ago

Free Online NFPA, IBC, and ADA Codes and Standards

Finding applicable codes for security work can be a costly task, with printed books and pdf downloads costing hundreds or thousands. However, a number of widely referenced codes are avavailable free online if you know the right places to search. ...

By Brian Rhodes - 6 months ago

Installing Cameras in Plenums Tutorial

(PRO Only)

There is often confusion about plenum ceilings, with misinformation about what is required when running cables through them and mounting cameras into them. Failing to understand plenum requirements can land installers on the wrong side of an AHJ, ...

By IPVM Team - 7 months ago

IP Network Hardware for Surveillance Guide

(PRO Only)

Video surveillance systems depend on IP networking equipment. In this guide, we explain the key pieces of equipment and features, explaining where and why they are typically used. The topics covered include: Fast / Gigabit / 10 Gigabit Ethern...

By IPVM Team - 8 months ago

Global Real-Time Video Surveillance - EarthNow

(PRO Only)

A new company, EarthNow, with backing from Bill Gates, Airbus and more, is claiming that: Users will be able to see places on Earth with a delay as short as about one second. This makes it possible to see and monitor events as they happen. T...

By John Honovich - 8 months ago

ISC West 2018 Access Control Rundown

(PRO Only)

For ISC West 2018, what is new and interesting in access control?  This rundown will bring you up to speed on the exhibitors, what they are releasing, and give you an idea of what is new. Notable Trends In terms of marketwide trends, three them...

By Brian Rhodes - 8 months ago

30+ Emerging Tech Companies Examined

(PRO Only)

ISC West has a new segment for 2018: the 'Emerging Technology Zone', which they boast: Featuring 50 of the latest and greatest startup businesses, these entrepreneurial start-up companies will help drive change and evolution in our complex cybe...

By Sean Patton - 9 months ago

PoE for IP Video Surveillance Guide

(PRO Only)

This guide provides comprehensive explanations of the elements in selecting and using Power Over Ethernet with IP cameras, covering: PoE vs Low Voltage When to Use PoE, When Not PSEs vs PDs PoE Classes 802.3af vs 802.3at vs 802.3bt Nonstan...

By IPVM Team - 9 months ago

ONVIF Usage Statistics 2018

(PRO Only)

ONVIF has long 'won' the standards battle for video surveillance. But has the now 10-year-old ONVIF 'won' vs direct integrations? Undoubtedly, ONVIF has very wide support, with 9,496 (and counting) conformant products. However, most VMS and recor...

By Sean Patton - 10 months ago

Deceptive ASIS Attendance

ASIS is being deceptive with its conference reporting, effectively inflating the event's real actual attendance. What they try, but struggle to do, is report 'registrants' but, as our examples below show, they clearly are misrepresenting it as ac...

By John Honovich - about 1 year ago

IR Surveillance Guide

(PRO Only)

Infrared (IR) has become an increasing core component to video surveillance systems. In particular, the expansion of integrated IR cameras that build IR illuminators within the camera has become common. On the positive side, this means that camer...

By IPVM Team - over 1 year ago

Access Control AHJ Nightmares

(PRO Only)

For access control jobs, a single person can be the difference between finishing a job, costing thousands in extra dollars, and being profitable and safe for all. That person carries the title 'Authority Having Jurisdiction', commonly just 'AHJ' (...

By Brian Rhodes - over 1 year ago

Technician Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Guide

(PRO Only)

Technicians encounter multiple hazards when running wires and installing security devices. Wearing personal protective equipment, or PPE, helps protect against these hazards and mitigate the chance and severity of injuries. Enforcing a strict PPE ...

By Ari Erenthal - over 1 year ago

ONVIF Favorability Results

(PRO Only)

ONVIF has been one of the most debated aspects of the video surveillance industry. On the one hand, its aim to increase interoperability has been widely applauded. On the other, many have criticized ONVIF for not working well enough or fully deliv...

By Brian Karas - almost 2 years ago

Introduction To Burglar Alarm Systems

While alarm systems are popular, balancing between the right level of protection, the appropriate components and an acceptable price can be very challenging. This in-depth tutorial explains each fundamental element, offering guidance on the pros a...

By Ari Erenthal - almost 2 years ago

ONVIF Video Surveillance Tutorial

(PRO Only)

ONVIF is well known within the surveillance industry as an interface to connect IP cameras and VMS systems but: Is ONVIF a 'Standard'? Why ONVIF? What does ONVIF do? What does it consist of? Who supports ONVIF? What does that mean? What are...

By IPVM Team - almost 2 years ago

API / SDK Tutorial

(PRO Only)

While Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are key to 'open' platforms, they are frequently misunderstood and over-hyped in physical security. While APIs can provide great benefits, using them is much more complex than often mentioned in sale...

By John Honovich - almost 2 years ago

No One Should Ever Use Simplisafe

(PRO Only)

Simplisafe, the upstart DIY intrusion alarm system, is increasingly Public Enemy Number One in the alarm business. Recently, Security Sales ran an article from Jeff Zwirn ripping SimpliSafe apart and concluding that essentially no one should use ...

By Ari Erenthal - about 2 years ago

Axis: HD Analog Will Die Out

(PRO Only)

If you are a fan of HD analog, stock up now. Axis says the popular low-cost architecture is going to reverse course and die out in the next couple of years. Axis has moved from misunderstanding HD analog, to creative positioning against HD analo...

By Brian Karas - about 2 years ago

How And When ONVIF Will Support H.265

(PRO Only)

ONVIF Profile S does not support H.265. And Profile S is what literally every ONVIF device supports today for video. So what happens to H.265 cameras? In this note, we explain ONVIF Media2 service and ONVIF Profile T, how they impact H.265, the...

By Ethan Ace - about 2 years ago

IP Camera Long Distance Ethernet Test

(PRO Only)

Many often ask about running Ethernet beyond its standard distance of 100 meters for UTP, especially when cameras are 400', 500' or more away. Will it fail?  How We Tested We tested lengths of Category 6 and 5e cables starting at 1000' (~300m),...

By John Scanlan - over 2 years ago

21 Scenes Lux Readings For Video Surveillance

(PRO Only)

IPVM went to numerous locations and measured the lux readings / light levels at each one. Here is an example of the approach we took and output created:   Many surveillance professionals know that knowing light levels is important but tend not t...

By John Scanlan - over 2 years ago

Access Control IBC International Rules

(PRO Only)

Dealing with fragmented local codes is one of the most frustrating parts of electronic access control design. However, the 'International Code Council' writes the most widely adopted set of building codes, yet many EAC designers are unaware when a...

By Brian Rhodes - over 2 years ago

IP Camera - Direct Attached vs Jack & Patch

(PRO Only)

An ongoing debate rages about how the IP camera cables should be terminated. This argument surrounds two common options: 'Direct Attached', where the first terminates the field cabling with an RJ45 modular plug, and connects it directly to the...

By Brian Rhodes - almost 3 years ago

Network Cabling for Video Surveillance Guide

(PRO Only)

In this 14 page guide, we teach the fundamentals of network cabling for video surveillance networks, how they should be installed, and the differences in testing them for production networks. Specifically, we examine: Cat 5e vs. Cat 6a vs Cat ...

By Brian Rhodes - about 3 years ago

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