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Belgium Bans Private Facial Surveillance

(PRO Only)

Belgium has effectively banned the use of facial recognition and other biometrics-based video analytics in surveillance cameras for private, non-police use, taking a strong stand and showcasing the impact of new EU privacy regulations on video sur...

By Charles Rollet - 5 months ago

GDPR For Access Control Guide

(PRO Only)

Electronic access control is common in businesses plus organizations are increasingly considering biometrics for access control. With GDPR coming into force this Spring, it is important to understand how this will impact these systems. IPVM has...

By IPVM Team - 6 months ago

GDPR / ICO Complaint Filed Against IFSEC Show Facial Recognition

(PRO Only)

IPVM has filed a complaint against IFSEC’s parent company UBM based on our concern that the conference violates core GDPR principles on biometrics at its London conference. The complaint was filed with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO...

By IPVM Team - 6 months ago

China Public Video Surveillance Guide: From Skynet to Sharp Eyes

China is expanding its video surveillance network to achieve “100%” nationwide coverage by 2020, including facial recognition capabilities and a database that allows authorities to track and cross-check video data across the country. This progr...

By Charles Rollet - 6 months ago

Dahua Products Are Not GDPR Compliant, No Products Can Be

(PRO Only)

Dahua products are neither GDPR-compliant nor certified, contrary to their marketing. The reason is that no products can be, as the EU does not 'certify' nor endorse products as 'compliant'. In this note, based on our 20+ page GDPR For Video ...

By Charles Rollet - 7 months ago

Amazon's "Dangerous New Face Recognition Technology" Says ACLU

(PRO Only)

The ACLU has caused a stir, with a new report Amazon Teams Up With Law Enforcement to Deploy Dangerous New Face Recognition Technology, explaining: Powered by artificial intelligence, Rekognition can identify, track, and analyze people in rea...

By John Honovich - 7 months ago

Genetec Clearance Face Detection / Redaction Test

(PRO Only)

Privacy regulations such as GDPR (EU Public Privacy), HIPAA (US Medical Privacy), and FERPA (US Student Privacy) are driving video surveillance manufacturers to provide solutions for blurring/masking faces. However, as our recent discussion on thi...

By Sean Patton - 7 months ago

Global Real-Time Video Surveillance - EarthNow

(PRO Only)

A new company, EarthNow, with backing from Bill Gates, Airbus and more, is claiming that: Users will be able to see places on Earth with a delay as short as about one second. This makes it possible to see and monitor events as they happen. T...

By John Honovich - 8 months ago

GDPR For Video Surveillance Guide

(PRO Only)

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force on May 25, but there is much confusion and no clear guidelines on exactly how these new regulations will impact the video surveillance industry. We have compiled th...

By Charles Rollet - 8 months ago

Audio Usage In Video Surveillance Statistics

(PRO Only)

Audio is more widely available and easier to use than ever, with many IP cameras building audio in and often making integration as simple as toggling a button. But how widely is audio used? There still remain many legal and privacy concerns about...

By Brian Rhodes - 9 months ago

Understanding The 20+ Lock Functions

While locks can look the same, they may operate in significantly different ways. To make understanding them simpler, widely adopted industry standards define a range of over 20 different lock functions. Understanding them is vital in picking the l...

By Brian Rhodes - 9 months ago

Video Privacy Mask Tutorial

(PRO Only)

Privacy has historically been hotly debated in the surveillance industry, especially in public surveillance systems where cameras may be located in residential areas. This is becoming even a greater concern as the EU implements the General Data Pr...

By Ethan Ace - 10 months ago

Chinese Government Attacks Western Reports

(PRO Only)

The Chinese government is angry at the BBC and WSJ's reporting on Chinese video surveillance (see BBC Features Dahua and WSJ Investigates China's Total Surveillance State). Much like Hikvision's attacks on IPVM for our reporting, Hikvision's su...

By John Honovich - 12 months ago

$800 Axis Thermal Camera Examined

(PRO Only)

Axis is releasing two of the lowest cost thermal IP cameras ever. But will low cost be enough to spur adoption? In this note, we examine the 2 new models, review feedback from Axis and analyze the main issues likely to impact this product's adopt...

By Brian Karas - 12 months ago

BBC Features Dahua

(PRO Only)

Hikvision is not the only mega-Chinese video surveillance manufacturer getting global attention. Last month, the WSJ investigated Hikvision and now the BCC has run a video segment on Dahua, embedded below: IPVM spoke with Dahua to get more deta...

By John Honovich - about 1 year ago

US Army Bans Chinese DJI Drones

(PRO Only)

The US Army has issued a ban on Chinese-made DJI drones. A US Army memo obtained by sUAS News references a classified document from the Army Research Laboratory titles "DJI UAS Technology Threat and User Vulnerabilities".   Inside this note, ...

By Brian Karas - over 1 year ago

SimpliSafe Camera Tested

(PRO Only)

SimpliSafe is one of the most controversial companies in the industry, as they have become the symbol of the DIY threat to traditional alarm providers. Indeed, Simplisafe is doing very well financially. Expanding from their foundation in alarm sy...

By John Scanlan - almost 2 years ago

Hikvision Ezviz Mini 360 Plus - $80 Autotracking Camera Tested

(PRO Only)

Autotracking, integrated IR, local storage, full HD, cloud access: $80. That is the claim of Hikvision EZVIZ's new Mini 360 Plus. But for this rock bottom price, below even typical budget IP cameras, can it really deliver? We bought and tested t...

By Ethan Ace - almost 2 years ago

Axis Partner Elder Care Video Analytics (Smartervision)

(PRO Only)

Can video analytics be used to improve the care of the elderly? Axis and a video analytics startup, Smartervision, are working together to do so. In this note, we examine the solution, its pricing, objectives and potential limitations.

By Brian Karas - about 2 years ago

Silicon Valley Startup Density Launches People Counting As A Service

(PRO Only)

A Silicon Valley startup says their people counting sensor is so accurate it's free, just pay for the data. They recently raised $4M from a top VC and want to take on established companies in the space. We interviewed Density CEO Andrew Farrah to...

By Brian Karas - over 2 years ago

Americans Vastly Underestimate Being Recorded on CCTV

Americans vastly underestimate how often they are recorded on CCTV, by a factor of ~10x, based on a Google Consumer Survey study that IPVM recently commissioned, raising concerns about whether the public fully understands the depth of overall vide...

By Brian Karas - over 2 years ago

Man Fights Crime With 21 Hikvision Cameras

(PRO Only)

Hero or lunatic? One man has taken the fight against crime into his own hands. His special power is CCTV and he is not afraid to use it. But many are upset that he has taken his CCTV crime fighting too far. Has he? We examine in this note.

By John Honovich - over 2 years ago

Video Surveillance Commissioning / Install Checklist

(PRO Only)

This 60+ point checklist helps end users, integrators and consultants verify that video surveillance installation is complete. It covers the following sections: Camera Physical Setup Camera View Setup Camera Network / Security settings  Cam...

By Ethan Ace - almost 3 years ago

Hikvision and the China Communist Party

Just days after getting $3 billion financing from the Chinese government, Hikvision celebrated opening their own Communist Party company committee. While undoubtedly a great honor and powerful move inside of China, the impact of this to the rest o...

By John Honovich - almost 3 years ago

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